Tijmen Hauer Video Film Theater

I am Tijmen Hauer and I work with video. I make short films and video art. Because I enjoy creative challenges, am always interested in collaborating with people from other fields and disciplines, I have worked on a wide variety of applied video projects.

Wake up in a new reality

Tijmen Hauer
Trailer for The New Forest, an ongoing theatre project by Wunderbaum.


Tijmen Hauer & Regina Kelaita
Combining photography and video, Crosscuts is a fast paced animated film that throws the conventional cinematic approach to time and place overboard thus replacing our routinely functional and straightforward way of looking at things with an associative and multiplex view.

Life is a Journey (Rosto in Turansureishon)

Tijmen Hauer / Joachim Robbrecht / William Bakker
Short video impression of the play Rosto in Turansureishon for which I did the video design.

Oh Great Now Look What Happened

Tijmen Hauer & Gerbrand Burger
Oh Great Now Look What Happened is a fascinating and puzzling impression of a strange and unexpected event. An indefinable feeling of fear and threat is portrayed in a short film that is both melancholy and funny.

Currently I am working on a live video concert together with William Bakker. Dirty Leaks will premiere at EYE on the 11th of july 2014. We will also be working on House, an audiovisual performance by Marleen Scholten (Wunderbaum) and Lizzy Timmers (Veenfabriek).